Builders Once Again Embrace Ceiling Fans

Are you a fan of the home shows on the home networks on TV? I admit that I easily enjoy to watch all those home improvement shows, but from This Old House to Joanna Gaines to House Hunters, I enjoy them all, then my preferreds are the older PBS a single’s where they show improvements like new Heating, Ventilation and A/C systems plus fireplace inserts plus brand new HVAC duct.

But I like the a single where they just change design elements, too; With a single exception! Ceiling fans.

There was a stage of about ten years where every single interior designer came into the house plus disconnectd all the ceiling fans! They all said the same thing: ceiling fans are ugly! Well, let me tell you, I live in the southeast, plus if I won a redesign of our house by a single of those designers, they would have to disconnect our ceiling fans over our dead body. Ceiling fans may not be the most elegant section of a house, however they serve a purpose. They supply comfort plus save money! Ceiling fans help your cooling system labor less. If you have a ceiling fan blowing on you, you are going to believe cooler, therefore you can set your temperature control higher plus still believe cool. Ceiling fans can lower your cooling costs. When you are able to remain comfortable plus set the temperature control on a higher temperature, your cooling system will not need to kick in as often, so you will save money on the cooling portion of your utility bill. I don’t easily assume ceiling fans are ugly, however even if I did, they supply value plus I will never want our cooling system to run all the time with no relief from the ceiling fans.


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