Choose your battles – air filter isn’t worth divorce

When I was growing up I remember my Grandpa giving myself and others a lot of important advice; He always told myself and others that it was important to be a man of my word, to think how to handle myself in stressful situations, and to show up for the people that I love.

He tried to provide myself and others the secrets of life all the way down to the most important aspects of a successful relationship, then considering that he and my Grandma were married for over 60 years, I think that he knew what he was talking about, then that’s why I always try to enact my Grandpa’s advice when it comes to living with my partner, however one of the things that my Grandpa always told us was to choose your battles.

He told us it was not worth ruining our lives over something straight-forward! And I have l acquired that that extends all the way to indoor air temperature control, then you see, when my partner and I first got married the two of us spent a lot of time complaining about the air temperature control preferences of the other celebration. The people I was with and I both realized that the two of us were on opposite ends of the temperature spectrum when it came to indoor air conditions control. The people I was with and I had strong opinions on air quality and heating and cooling service services, as well. Over time the two of us began to negotiate when it came to the indoor air handling control plan. However, there has been 1 Heating and A/C issue that I simply had to let go, however my partner is obsessed with the method of purchasing high quality HEPA air filters for the Heating and A/C system… I do not think that these HEPA filtration devices are necessary, although I also do not want to confrontation with her. At this point, I buy her a bulk pack of HEPA filters and thank the stars for my marriage.

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