Heating and Air Conditioning professional schools myself and others about air quality

There was a time when I didn’t think much about air quality and how crucial it is for your health; I used to suppose it was okay to use the cheapest air filters and I didn’t even think why people choose to buy fancy air filters when they had 5 packs for $10 at the hardware store, then well, eventually the air quality in our house became absolutely exhausting and I didn’t think what was going on. I ended up having to call up an Heating and Air Conditioning supplier to see what could be done about our Heating and Air Conditioning system; The Heating and Air Conditioning professional discovered that I was using these cheap fiberglass air filters and he said those were no good for the Heating and Air Conditioning program or the air quality. When I asked him what he meant, he had to give myself and others a lesson about air quality, then he said the air quality indoors is not as good as outdoor air quality for the most part, and both of us have to do our section to keep the air quality as good as possible indoors. He said the air quality depends on several factors. He said it depends on the quality of your air filters, how often you change them, if you use an whole-house air purifier, and if you open the windows to let in fresh air. He also said those cheap air filters would not labor to protect the Heating and Air Conditioning system; Another thing I l acquired is that it’s pressing to have the air duct program cleaned every so often! So I started using better air filters and I had the air duct program cleaned. I even had an air purification program installed in our house and the air quality has been amazing ever since I made these fluctuations.

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