I did not realize I had poor air quality until I started working from home

I truthfully never knew how pressing it was to have excellent air quality until I started working from home.

Where I used to work, they actually had pretty great air quality as they would properly change the air filters & they always had proper Heating & A/C idea repair, however unblessedly, I didn’t keep up with proper Heating & A/C idea repair at home & I never thought I had a extreme issue with air quality. Well, when I set up our new office in our basement, I l gained exactly how poor our air quality was. The more I worked from home, the more I felt sick from the poor air quality. I actually started to cough a lot & I was having trouble with our breathing. I would have to go outside to get fresh air every so often & I realized that there was an issue with the air quality in our home. I ended up calling the Heating & A/C company & the Heating & A/C professional came out to assist me with our air quality problem. She let me know for starters that I wasn’t changing our air filter often enough. I was using 3 month air filters, but I was changing them once every 6 months. They were severely plugged up & caused our Heating & A/C idea to struggle, and even though I thought I was saving money, I was actually causing disfigure to our Heating & A/C idea & this was the number 1 issue with our poor air quality. She said I needed to invest in a great media air purification system or air purification system, & she said it wouldn’t hurt to use a humidifier as well. So I listened & had an air purification installed & a humidifier. I also changed our air filters properly & I stopped having concerns while working from home.


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