I found an injured fawn in the cold

I was driving home from visiting family over the weekend.

Unfortunately it was utterly freezing out, and it was snowing and difficult to see where I was going.

Suddenly, I saw a small dark figure on the side of the road, and at first I figured it was roadkill. I slowed down and turned my lights on. It looked like some small animal. I felt really bad for any animal stuck out here in this freezing weather, and even though it was risky getting out when it was snowing so heavily, I got out and picked the animal up. It turned out it was a fawn. I don’t know much about deer or if it was even dead or alive. I wrapped the fawn up in a few covers and placed it in my back seat. I drove home and checked on it. Thankfully the little fawn was still breathing. I called a wildlife rescue team and told them about my situation, and they came to pick up the little fawn to nurse back to good health. I was happy to see that the little guy was going to be alright. Anyways, I guess good karma came back to me, because not too long after, I was looking to replace my furnace. It just so happens that my next door neighbor was attempting to sell theirs. The heater was the model I was looking for and in great shape! I bought the heating system and it worked great in my house. It was really good luck to find such a great deal on a HVAC system like that.

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