I wanted out of here

The time has come where I am finally able to quit our job plus go work elsewhere.

I had no problem with the job itself. As a matter of fact, I am going to work for the same exact business, just in a odd location. The job I was at never had quality heating plus a/c in the building, plus this was why I quit, or technically got a transport to another office that has quality heating plus a/c. A lot of people have been going this route lately. In the Last year there were at least 7 employees here that did the same thing that I did all because of the lousy central heating plus a/c that they have in the new arena. They truly need to stop being so cheap plus just replace the central heating plus a/c unit to a heat plus cooling plan that can unquestionably cool plus heat the entire office building. At this rate, if people keep transferring to another location because of this ongoing heating plus cooling issue, they are going to have a single less corporation in the city! This should be their wake up call to get on the ball plus get this heating plus a/c plan issue taken care of as soon as humanly possible. I will say though that I am now truly happy working where I do in this alternate location. The heating plus a/c is good here. If it was enjoy this in the other location, I would have never left it.

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