My animals are lucky to live in a comfortable place with HVAC

When I was growing up I worked around critters all of the time.

I absolutely loved to be outside & take care of other living things.

As such, I consistently dog sat & worked at local horse farms. I am cheerful that I had these early experiences because they taught me a good amount about responsibility & grit. However, I also believe these early days put a modern complex in my head. After seeing multiple critters who lived outdoors no matter what the climate was like, I became seriously obsessed with providing the best environment to all of these critters. I wanted to collect every unwanted pet on earth & give them a safe & comfortable place to live. Unfortunately for me, it turns out that heating, cooling, & ventilation appliances are rather luxurious when you operate them for critters. You see, I wound up with a sizable barn full of horses, goats, & cats. Then, I had to figure out how to supply heating & cooling measures to all of my adorable critters. At first, I figured it would be doable to install multiple mini split heating & cooling systems to control the indoor air temperature & air quality. However, I wasn’t thrilled about the individual temperature programming measures that would have to be reset on a regular basis. In due time, I decided to go with a full-blown central heating & cooling system for my critters. I even had a smart temperature control machine installed… Now, I can monitor their temperature in the barn even if I am currently hiding in my less comfortable property.

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