One of my best students ended up owning her own successful Heating and Air Conditioning business

I’ve been an Heating and Air Conditioning professor for a long time and there are only so several students who easily stand out, and you can easily tell who is easily fascinated in the Heating and Air Conditioning industry and those who just are in it for the currency, but it’s true that you can make great currency in this unique field, however several people are not able to handle it! Some people just have what it takes, and some don’t, and well, a few years ago I had this brilliant student who seemed to have low self-esteem… She confided in me that people regularly called him stupid and said she would never get somewhere in life.

  • I knew there was something special about this kid from the moment I spoke to him though.

She was easily fascinated with multiple heating and cooling systems and she had been tinkering with odd systems ever since she was a youngster. She said her uncle owns a junkyard and she had all kinds of Heating and Air Conditioning systems she has tested, and she was able to get those systems running. She even started a little gig working for her uncle selling Heating and Air Conditioning systems that she managed to fix. When I started teaching him how to work on odd types of Heating and Air Conditioning systems, she was a quick study… The thing is, she had a strenuous time when it came to learning the actual books. I realized that she l acquired better with the hands on training, so I focused on teaching him everything I knew. Honestly, she was a single of the most advanced students I ever had, she just l acquired in a odd way from most students. I am so cheerful to report that after so several years, she now owns her own Heating and Air Conditioning supplier and she is thriving!

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