The sound of the furnace made me call a professional

I work from home, so I spend most of my day in the house.

Sometimes I go to the store for groceries like eggs, butter, milk, and bread.

Usually my wife stops on the way home to pick out those items, so I don’t have to take the subway. It’s very quiet during the day, so I notice all of the different sounds. I know that my neighbor watches daytime soaps in the afternoon, because she always adjusts the volume on the television at the same time. I know that the guy across the street always works out after lunch, because he blares his music on the patio and does squats on the wall. I also know that the sound of my furnace running is a low murmur that barely has any sound. I really love that about this apartment, because even when the heat is running it’s still quiet. When the furnace suddenly changed sounds, I immediately noticed the change. The sound was rough and annoying. I called the building supervisor to report the furnace issue and he told me that they make strange sounds all the time. He asked if the heat was still running and it was. Two hours later, the sound abruptly stopped and so did the furnace. I called the maintenance guy again and reported the issue. This time he took me much more seriously. He came up to the apartment about thirty minutes later. I found out that the furnace needed to be replaced and they couldn;t order a new one until the next day. I really wish the guy would have taken my warning seriously.

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