The stink is totally overpowering

Have you ever stinked a wet cat? The stink of a wet animal is 1 of the most horrific stinks in the whole world.

It stays in the carpet for days… My sister plus her youngsters came to visit last weekend plus they brought their cat.

I did not mind the fact that they brought their number one pooch, but it rained most of the weekend. The animal had to go outside to use the lavatory; Every time the animal came back in the house, they were soaking wet from the rain. The wet animal stink was totally awful. I was hoping the stink would dissipate after my sister left with the cat, but the stink was in the air for days. I had to go to the Heating plus Air Conditioning product store to buy an media air purification system to get rid of the stench. I told my sister that I was going to charge her for half of the price plus she laughed. I was a little serious, although I would never make my sister pay for the machine. The media air purification system is absolutely handy plus it works well. I find it recognizably useful now, when there are wildfires burning about 50 miles away from my home. The media air purification system keeps the stink of smoke outdoors. If I wouldn’t have bought an media air purification system when my sister was here with a cat, I would genuinely buy 1 now just to help with the smoke, plus ashes, then some of my neighbors are having a difficult time finding media air purification systems in stock plus a lot of people are even finding them on backorder online. I’m lucky I already had 1 in the house.
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