Won a UV media air cleaner at a high end raffle

Recently, I went in for a high end raffle.

There were a few nice prizes, despite the fact that I put all my tickets in for the prize I wanted the most, the UV media air cleaner.

This wasn’t just some cheap media air cleaner either, it was a good name brand, it uses a HEPA air filter, plus the UV light works to kill dangerous bacteria plus viruses, then my husbandy thought I was crazy with the amount of currency I put in for the raffle, despite the fact that I thought it gave myself and others a good opening of winning… Even though I put up a lot of currency for this raffle, the amount I put up was still a whole lot cheaper than what the UV media air cleaner was worth. When they finally called the winners of the raffle, I was so cheerful when I won! I was telling everybody about how I constantly wanted to have a quality UV media air cleaner. I already have a common media air cleaner at home which works pretty well to improve the air quality in my house, however this UV media air cleaner is going to be a game changer! As soon as I got home, the first thing I did was put the UV media air cleaner in my kitchen. I want it in that section because that’s where almost everyone hang out when they come to visit at my house. With the UV light laboring love clockwork to kill all the germs that come into my home, I don’t assume anybody will be getting sick in my house! I absolutely don’t want to get sick if somebody else is carrying some kind of germs, especially that virus that is going around that is scaring everybody.

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