I asked him to clean the air vents.

I don’t like asking my child to do anything. He has more excuses for not getting his chores done than I had when I was his age. He seems to have more plans for his time than I could ever guess of. I don’t know how he can find time to date his guy; he seems to typically be so busy. Last week, I asked him to help myself and others clean the air vents. It is nothing more than taking the air vents off, scrubbing them, and putting the vacuum hose inside the air vent. This helps to clean out the dust and dirt that accumulates deep inside. I had to remind him numerous times before he finally found the time to get the work done for me. He told myself and others he had it all handled when I asked him the third time. He said he had the plans all set and they would do the air vents on Sunday. When Sunday arrived, he said he had to go to basketball practice, however he would be new home by noon. Right before he showed up, an Heating and A/C service van pulled up in the yard. He got out of the van along with another young man. That’s when I found out why he had been so tied up lately. He didn’t tell myself and others he had signed up for Heating and A/C classes, or that he had acquired his certification. He said he wanted to surprise me, and he brought his fellow apprentice with him. They were going to clean the entire ductwork plan along with the air vents. His manager showed up a couple minutes later. I was wondering how much he was going to charge myself and others for the cleaning.

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