I didn’t really understand why we had strict rules when I was younger

When I was growing up, my family always had strict rules and we did things a certain way.

None of us were allowed to mess with the thermostat to adjust the temperature control settings. My father was especially strict about this and said the temperature control always had to be set at 68 degrees in the winter and 74 in the summer. I remember how it always bothered me because I always felt a bit chilly in the winter and in the summer I never felt like it was cool enough. Whenever I would try to complain to my mother, she said that we had to do things that way and I was not allowed to question it. It wasn’t until I became older and started a family of my own when I realized that my father was right for doing things that way. He had to save money on the energy bills in order to put food on the table for us children. We had to do our chores regularly so that the house was nice and clean. My parents both worked so we all had to do our part to live a happy and comfortable life. No matter how much us kids didn’t understand things or thought certain things were unfair like the temperature control settings, ultimately it led to everybody being happy and comfortable enough. With my family, I actually have the same rules with the temperature control settings. Fortunately, I have a smart thermostat so nobody else can adjust the temperature control settings anyway and I follow as many energy saving tips as possible.
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