I need to find a way to sneak heat

My bestie is absolutely cheap, however that means if he can save cash by sacrificing comfort, he will.

The temperature control settings in our cabin drive me insane, and my bestie is willing to freeze all Wintertide long so he doesn’t have to pay a high energy bill.

I get sick of wearing long pants, a sweatshirt and socks all morning long. I tried talking to him about splitting the energy bill and then upping the temperature control temperature; He is really uncooperative with this. I then attempted to buy a space gas furnace to keep in my office. I figured that I at least could have familiar heating when I work… Space gas heating systems run by electricity. My bestie was all up in arms about the extra electricity I would use with my little furnace. I obviously just need to freeze to death. I have snuck a heated mattress pad and blanket on the bed. I absolutely need to find some portable heating component that doesn’t make noise and can be hidden. I saw online that there are heated flooring systems. They hide underneath the cement of the current floor. It runs based on electricity so there are no operational sounds, however you can just think gentle heat along your feet. The radiant heat also warms all objects on it like the bed. It would be like sleeping on a heated bed. The cost of this system is serious and the upgrade is quite involved. So no way could I hide it from my bestie. I wish there was a cheaper, easier to install heated flooring option.

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