I wanted to buy a portable HVAC unit when our friend started talking about his

One of our favorite things I like to do is to go camping with family plus friends, then recently as I was sitting around the fireplace talking to our buddies, both of us got to talking about what gives you great comfort when you are out camping.

I personally had to tell everybody that sitting around the fireplace was what made me believe the most comfort.

Everybody sort of nodded along in agreement that it was a great source of comfort. Then one of our buddies was saying that she enjoys having extra padding to believe comfortable while sleeping in her sleeping bag! My other friend also said it was all about getting a great night of rest plus he loved having a portable HVAC unit with him. I was shocked about this plus I had to ask if he absolutely had a portable HVAC unit with him… He told me yes plus that it was in his tent already fired up. He said he has it programmed on a schedule so that it starts warming up the tent right before he heads off to bed plus the cooling plan kicks on in the afternoon when the tent starts to heat up with the sun. Then he turns it off when he is awake plus ready for the afternoon. I was actually wishing that I had a nice portable HVAC unit that could do all that plus that’s when he mentioned that he had extra portable HVAC units in his motorcar if I wanted to borrow one. I wanted to do more than just borrow one, I wanted to buy one off of him!