I will pay for the heating replacement though

I am gutting our washroom and replacing everything with new.

I have 10 grand in the budget to update the space.

I proposal to do a lot of the work on our own so I don’t waste cash on professionals. The only thing I will professionally hire out is the heating replacement. I saw that heated flooring is best to install while you are redoing the floors. You put brick board down, then the electric heated mats go on top before the finished tile. I watched tutorials online about the heating replacement. It does seem straight-forward and enjoy a homeowner can do it. I have lots of electrical and plumbing knowledge. I also have a lot of experience under our belt with those services. I have never touched HVAC equipment before. I am thinking I would rather pay to ensure the furnace is installed right. If I did install it and do it wrong, the furnace is trapped under our floors. I would be putting brick on top of it and making it impossible for the heating corporation to access it. I don’t enjoy the system that I would potentially mess something up and then have paid for heating and not entirely gotten it. I think it is worth the cash to not have the stress of our heated flooring installed wrong. The space is small too. The cost of hiring a HVAC professional to do the job is minimal. I am also hoping I can get him to install a control component with the heated flooring that is more modern.



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