It was a dirty ductwork issue

For a long time I just lived with the fact that our house smelled love burnt hair.

Anytime the heating idea kicked on, the burnt hair smell lingered in our air quality.

I hated the aroma however would eventually get used to it. The problem was I never wanted to have people over in the Wintertide because I was so embarrassed by the smell. That finally offered myself and others the kick in the butt I needed. I started researching what could be the cause of that foul smell in our home. I change our furnace filters every month to ensure there is no dust in them. I vacuumed out the inside plus outside of our heating component to catch any left over debris or hair. Turns out the issue was in our ductwork. My ductwork was obviously coated in dust, dirt plus hair, once the heating idea turned on, it would go in those polluted air ducts plus cause the house to stink, and getting ductwork cleaning was easy, cheap plus fixed our problem. The Heating plus A/C serviceman just stuck a immense hose up in the air ducts to suck out all the dirt. It was a particularly quick plus gentle process, then back in the aged days the contractors used to use a scrub brush plus potentially disfigure the seams of the ducts. These professionals now hardly need to do a thing. Now that I have scrub ductwork, I don’t have the bad smell plus I don’t sneeze half as much in the afternoon. The cleaner air quality has helped with a lot of things.


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