My partner was supposed to contact the AC business

A few weeks ago, my partner and I converted our garage into a fitness room.

Every one of us hired a business to help renovate the room and build a bathroom. The business also installed a ductless mini-split AC unit. The ductless mini-split AC unit worked great for the first few weeks, but it’s been making a weird sound lately. I don’t believe that the ductless mini-split AC is laboring correctly either. Even though the temperature gauge says that it is 69 degrees in the room, it feels much warmer. I’m not sure why we’re having trouble, but the ductless mini-split AC unit is still under warranty. I told my partner to call the AC business on her day off. Every one of us talked about it for ten minutes in the day before I went to work. Still, she forgot to make the call. The easily next day, the mini-split AC unit stopped laboring altogether and it was a certainly hot day. I was mad at my partner for not calling when I mentioned the problem. I called him at toil and I yelled on the cellphone for 5 minutes. I had to wait all day before the AC business could come to the house. Thankfully, the woman was certainly nice and she fixed the issue in an hour. She didn’t charge me anything for the repair at all, since the unit is still under warranty. When my partner got apartment from work, she brought me flowers and candy. She thought I was still going mad. To be honest, I was just glad everything was laboring again.


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