The bed was hot, and so was the night.

I had never liked camping, but after my divorce, someone had to go with my young sons.

They loved fishing and camping by the lake, so I volunteered to take them for a weekend.

I bought a new tent, and since one of my hatreds of camping was sleeping on the ground, I also bought an air mattress. It was hot and humid that night, and I was wishing I had bought a small portable air conditioner. I didn’t expect the air mattress to be a source of heat. As the night wore on, I ended up with my youngest son laying on the mattress with me. Next thing I knew, I had my older son on the mattress. As if I hadn’t already been minding the heat, I was now surrounded by two boys who both emitted their own form of natural heat. I crawled out of bed and headed outside. The boys didn’t even know I had left the tent. It was so humid outside that I could barely breathe. I crawled into the car and turned on the engine. I then turned on the air conditioner. It didn’t take long for the car to become cool, thanks to the excellent HVAC system in the car. I wasn’t sure I wanted to splurge and have automatic climate control, when I bought the car, but I was now glad I did. The HVAC system automatically adjusted the inside of the car, to go with the heat and humidity of outside. It didn’t take long before I had two very sleepy boys climbing into the car with me. My youngest mumbled something about leaving them alone and not asking them to join me in the AC.

Heat pump