Be a professional and hire an office cleaning service

I don’t like to sound all judgemental but I really prefer to do business with professionals.

This is true in just about every business interaction that I am a part of.

There is just something about people who approach their business interactions in an organized and and together sort of way. It just shows. So when I went into business for myself, I wanted to emote that sense of professionalism. Yet, I started out doing the office cleaning myself when I first started. I don’t know what I was thinking. Perhaps, I just wanted to be sure that I was saving all the money that I could. But honestly, I could have easily budgeted an office cleaning company had I wanted to. Still, I spent nearly the first year splitting office cleaning duties with my associates. And, I would come in on the weekends to do stuff like the floor maintenance work. Or I would end up late at night renting equipment to do the floor waxing and stripping. It just didn’t occur to me how completely unprofessional that was. That is until a client came right out and told me. He was passing by my office as he was leaving late one night from a nearby office park. The sight of me doing the carpet cleaning after I closed the office really put him off. He wondered if things were that tight that I was having to cut corners and do the office cleaning myself. I was mortified but I also thanked him. It was unprofessional of me. The next day, I started interviewing commercial cleaning services.

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