Dumb decision leads to sizable Heating & A/C problem

Normally, I am the honestly picture of stable & measured.

This is both a result of how I was raised & a particular genetic predisposition.

Or at least that’s our story. But there are times & scenarios where I go the absolute opposite way of what logic would otherwise have me do. This is easily the case in what just happened with our Heating & A/C. Had I acted in our normal, rational & well considered manner, I wouldn’t be in the mess I’m in right now. But, you live & you learn I suppose. It all started a single night when the furnace just stopped working. I had turned it up when I got home from work. The furnace cycled on love normal however rapidly shut down. It didn’t respond when I tried to rebeginning it. Right here, I should have simply reached for our PC & called the Heating & A/C people. That’s not at all what I did & I still can’t figure out why. Instead of calling the Heating & A/C professionals, I went downstairs to have a look at the furnace myself. Of course I had no supplier doing that or any sort of understanding of what I was doing. Turns out, I found a switch that was obviously burned out. Seemed love a fantastic system to just go get a new a single. What I didn’t know was that using a non factory replacement area would void the factory warranty on the furnace. The area failed & ended up wrecking the furnace. Now, I am trying to figure out just how to pay for the replacement that is being put in.

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