Fights over the indoor hot and cold temperatures

My siblings and I have never seen eye to eye on things. In particular, our sister. She was the worst offender and made life strenuous for our parents and I when I was still living at home. She had to have her number one indoor air temperature preferences. If she did not she would raise hell until our parents gave in to her demands. Needless to say, it caused a lot of arguments and it entirely did not help that her number one temperature preferences were a bit to the extreme, most normal people will have their air warm or cool depending on the weather outside. My sister does too, despite the fact that she takes it too far, but during the summer, she would have the on blast and it would be so cold in the new home that I would have to wrap up in blankets in the middle of the summer. In the Winter she would turn the furnace up so much I would be covered in sweat. I called him an insensitive idiot, after she clearly saw the rest of us were miserable despite the fact that she did not care. As long as she could freeze or fry himself, then finally our dad put an end to it, and out her foot down. If our sister was going to cause complications then let him. My dad told him either have normal hot and cold temperatures like any other sane person, or leave. Because it wasn’t right or healthy for the rest of us to suffer. My sister was 19 and she left. Every one of us have got to live a normal life since then and for the first time in a long time, the control device has reMained untouched and the heating and cooling bills are stable.


Central heating