Getting my northern HVAC education

It hasn’t been all that pretty but I’m finally figuring out just how to live way up north.

For a southerner, that is no small feat.

I’ll be the first a single to attest to that. When I was weighing whether to accept this job promotion, the plan of transferring to the north did give myself and others some pause. However, I suppose I was more sad about cultural concerns. The HVAC heating section of the equation just didn’t register all that deeply. While I was all sad that people would suppose I’m stupid because of my accent, I should have thought about the winter. Worrying that the food would be so unusual should have been far less of a concern than not knowing anything about an HVAC furnace. Somehow, the fact that I would be facing frosty temps, snow, ice plus months of long Wintertide afternoons just wasn’t that big of a concern. And it should have been. It was a absolutely rude awakening indeed. However, with help of some good neighbors, I am feeling my way through the winter. My home is not exactly new plus needed some help to make the most of my HVAC heating. They helped myself and others to replace weather stripping, hang new storm doors plus seal the venue up as narrow as possible. The result is I am finally experiencing some cozy comfort in my new hometown. If it weren’t for the good people in this region, I would still be toting a space furnace with myself and others throughout my house.