I need a new chair after my favorite one broke

Close to five years ago, I located the most wonderful loveseat for me. It is a leather couch in the color of seafoam green. I have to admit it is an unrespected color, even though I really love it. I decided to get it, and am completely in love with my leather couch still. Unluckily, it has been strenuous finding other furniture pieces to actually go in my small residing room that both fit the section and look great with the leather couch. That’s why I was so thankful several years ago to locate this superb swivel gray leather residing room chair. The color was so close to the leather couch’s color that it was basically impossible to tell they were not the same. Plus the chair was a fantastic size for the section and had the look of high quality furniture, just like the couch does. I have been ecstatic with it except for a certain thing; it swivels all the way around all the time and therefore faces the wrong way most of the time! I just couldn’t get that high end furniture to stop swirling around like a merry go round! Anyway, I lived with it and it wasn’t terrible, but all of a sudden, several weeks ago, I started hearing an unusual noise when it would swivel. I couldn’t figure it out at first until a single afternoon I noticed the chair was seriously wobbly. Then, I sat in it and the chair fell right off the metal swivel base. The swiveling was cutting into the bar and base a little at a time and it eventually cut straight through! Now I am hunting more leather chairs and am honestly thinking about getting custom built furniture.


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