Just get by each month

Having so much occur all at once is pretty upsetting.

It’s recognizably not easy when you’re someone who really enjoys routine.

I am that man plus I also have a tough time facing tough emotional cases as well. It all started when my partner plus I began looking to buy a home. We have been married almost 3 years and were in a position to purchase our first starter home. We found a place plus were about to close on it when our partner got knocked up. Then, just a few weeks after that, she was furloughed from her task. It is hopefully a temporary situation but we had to put the breaks on the house. Yet, our lease on the home every one of us were living in was up. Thankfully short term home rental saved us. If it wasn’t for being able to rent on a month to month lease, we might be in a real jam. I can’t imagine having to move back in with one of our folks while my partner was out of work and pregnant at the same time. The short term home rental allowed us a much needed break. We just weren’t certain what to do since every one of us would be losing a portion of our income. There will be unemployment payments for at least six months. Hopefully, her company can get straightened out by them. The month to month lease on this short term home rental is less than our old apartment. That will help us cut pricing as well. I realize things are crazy right now. But we are focusing on all the good points plus just moving forward.


month to month lease