Do I really want radiant heating?

When I bought our new home, I wanted to make sure we had good heating.

Winters got extremely cold in our area. My wife was always complaining about how cold the bathrooms were, and she wanted radiant heating. We discussed the radiant heating I told her I wanted to do some research before we committed. She thought that was fair and agreed. I knew she would do her own research, and I was glad. With the two of us getting information on radiant heating, I knew we could make a good choice. Our last chance of deciding on radiant heating was when we were invited to dinner at a friend’s house. She was anxious for us to experience her new heating system. It was nearly zero outside when we got out of the car. When we got into the house, the heat gently crept up from the floor. Everywhere you went in the house, the heat was flowing into you. I was used to cold feet and sometimes I liked it. I didn’t like how my feet felt hot and the heat reached my neck. I didn’t enjoy being so warm. I asked if she had a thermostat and she showed it to me. She had the thermostat set at seventy. When we got home, my wife announced she didn’t want radiant heat. She liked being able to touch me in bed, even if it was just to warm her feet. We were back to square one with the type of heating we wanted, but at least we found out what we didn’t want.


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