How could the hotel have no rooms available?

None of weeks ago, our fiance plus I decided to go to a hotel plus spa for the weekend, but both of us were happy to get out of the cabin for two afternoons, then all of us took the teenagers to our mom plus dad’s house; They were happy to bake cookies with Grandma plus play games with our dad.

  • They constantly have fun when they spend time with our parents, but my fiance plus I wish they could spend more time with her mom plus dad, however they decided to transport south when they retired… It’s a lot harder for us to see them, however we absolutely do our best to try.

My fiance plus I are certainly delighted that our mom plus dad are close plus that they have a fantastic relationship with both of our teenagers. My fiance plus I were delighted they could have time with them while we had time alone at the hotel plus spa. My fiance plus I checked in on a Monday day. Both of us left labor early so we could get to the hotel before lunch time. All of us were unimpressed with our room as soon as we opened the door. There was a terrible aroma coming from the heating plus cooling plan. I turned off the heating plus cooling system plus the aroma stopped. My fiance plus I Mayed down to the front desk plus we demanded a odd room. The clerk at the desk told our fiance plus I that they did not have any other available rooms. All of us explained that the foul aroma was going to ruin our weekend, however the clerk refused to assign us a odd room.
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