How my air conditioner saved my daughter from summer heat

Children are especially susceptible to sunlight exposure and can easily suffer from heat exhaustion.

When this happens, these young ones can exhibit several symptoms that are easy to ignore.

Spending too much time under the sun can be dangerous to young kids because they develop headaches, become hydrated, and become nauseated. In some cases, they develop general body weakness and have a weak pulse. When ignored, children can easily develop serious complications that can be life threatening if not fixed. Last summer was a scary experience for me when my girl went out to play as usual. However, she appeared to be turning pale and was drowsy until I brought her into the house when she was about to collapse. I quickly got some cold water and turned up my air conditioner, making sure she was close to the fan. A few minutes later, she slowly regained consciousness and slowly took some water as she was dehydrated. I later took her to the ER and the doctor advised that she should always stay in cool environments preferably with an AC.


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