HVAC cabinet protected this past winter

In our region, the Winter weather is the main cause for concern when it comes to the temperature.

That’s what’s on our mind when it comes to HVAC preparation & all that.

Our Summer can get a bit toasty for appreciate six, maybe 8 weeks. Until a decade ago, I never had HVAC cooling in our home. Not the lake cabin I grew up in nor this house. And I’ve owned this place for going on 30 years. But our wifey entirely wanted to have the cooling component when all of us substituted the HVAC last. So that’s what all of us did. And honestly, it’s kind of nice to have a cool lake cabin all summer. I didn’t entirely understand why she wanted one so awful but I get it now. Still, other than those weeks in the summer, I just don’t suppose about the HVAC cooling component all that much. My focus is making sure the HVAC oil furnace is inspected & ready to go when the Winter weather starts. This is because all of us get a pretty vicious Winter that lasts almost 6 months if not longer some years. If you’re not prepared for that style of winter, you can find yourself in a awful spot quick. I have a wood stove as a back up for heating. Much of the Summer & fall is consumed by putting up wood for the winter. But this year, it finally dawned on me that I need to protect the HVAC cabinet outside the house. So I ordered a strenuous plastic shell that fits right over the HVAC cabinet. This way, the weight of snow & ice isn’t kneeling on it all winter.