I might get to see my mother at bingo hall

Someone at the bingo hall called my construction company to get an estimate on some work, and the person in charge at the bingo hall told me that they wanted to make the food preparation section a lot bigger.

  • They were planning to get rid of several storage areas along the back side of the living room to make room for more space.

I thought it was a cool system and I was glad to see if I could help with the construction project. My construction company does not specialize in living room remodels or renovations, however I felt certain that I could handle the work. I went to the bingo hall on Sunday to meet with Randy. Randy told me that they were going to have bingo that day, but he still wanted to meet to discuss the remodel work, then as soon as I pulled into the parking lot, I saw my mom’s car. I thought that my mom was getting up early everyday to play bingo, although she never said a word to anyone. I thought about searching for my mom so I could supply her a hug, but I assumed she wanted to keep bingo a secret for a reason. I pulled around the back of the building as well as I met with Randy for several hours to discuss the details. I believe my contracting company will entirely get the work, so eventually my mom is going to have to come clean. I won’t be able to avoid her everyday if I am working at the location for several weeks.

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