I thought I could repair the ductwork issue on my own

When my wife and I felt a draft in the spare bedroom, I researched all of the reasons why this might occur.

A lot of people on message boards felt that I might have an issue with the ductwork above the bedroom.

I definitely thought it was worth looking into the duct work, so I went into the attic with a flashlight and a package of duct tape. The people on that message board were 100% correct and there was an issue with the ductwork above that room. Unfortunately, the job was too big for me to complete on my own. I didn’t realize that until I was halfway into the job. I didn’t have the right materials and I was having a lot of trouble reaching some of the areas. I finally gave up and called a contractor to finish the job. My wife wanted me to call a contractor when we first started the project, but I really thought I could repair the ductwork issue on my own and I did not want to waste money that was unnecessary.The contractor brought a partner and both guys took almost an hour to complete all of the ductwork repairs. The guys also found a couple of additional spots that needed tape and sealing. It would have been nice to complete the project on my own, but in the end I was happy to have a trained professional complete the job. It would have taken me all day to get that job done and those guys tackled it in less than 90 minutes.

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