No one gets free service checks on the HVAC unit anymore

For the past three years, I have been working for the same HVAC installation and repair company. I absolutely love that job. It pays well and I don’t have to work on the weekend. Up until a couple of weeks ago, I also received free service checks on my heating and air conditioning supplies. Those free service checks included a biannual tune-up for the heating and air conditioning unit. A couple of weeks ago, the corporate office hired a new person to handle our district. That person came up with a whole new set of rules and one of them is regarding the free HVAC tune-ups. No one is allowed to perform the service for free anymore. We can’t save on shop supplies and parts anymore either. We can only receive 50% off the standard rates for all HVAC services including repairs, parts, labor, and installation fees. I’m a little aggravated about the new rules, but nobody is more ticked off than my best friend Joe. Joe was supposed to have a brand new furnace and air conditioner installed next month and I was going to help him with the installation services. We were going to do everything for free using the shop supplies. The boss said we cannot do this anymore and that means that Joe will have to spend an extra $700 to complete the furnace and air conditioner installation job. I’m really aggravated that I won’t be able to have a free tune-up anymore, but I certainly feel terrible for Joe. He is really getting the shaft from the company in the deal.

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