Whole house air cleaner is the best

I am not into suffering for sufferings sake.

That’s just not how I live my life. The whole martyr thing just sort of makes me sick. And I’ve seen far too much of that in my family. For some reason, it appears there is some sort of default that so many ladies in my family suffer to make a point. It’s the most passive aggressive nonsense I’ve ever seen. I vowed that I would not be a single of those ladies in my family. If I have to deal with disappointment or manage hard circumstances, I can do that. However, I’m not going to sit around in the Heating and A/C comfort of my living room simply wringing my hands. That’s just not happening. If there is a solution to a problem, I’m not afraid of pointing in out and actively laboring toward a solution. This is tplot at work, at home and with my friends. I don’t suffer in silence hoping have a bunch of guilt to wield on other people’s emotions. What a waste of time. I finally got my sister to confront her partner about something that was just so stupid and yet went on year after year. And all it took was a bit of an Heating and A/C upgrade to correct. My sister suffers from fairly sever flu symptoms. But she does so in the most dramatic way possible. It’s as though this is the only way she can draw attention. It’s pathetic that sympathy is all she thinks she’s worth. The answer was a whole house air cleaner. And when I brought it up to her partner at a family gathering she was totally onboard.

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