I don’t know how internet marketing works, but it does

I have a computer, and I use it every single day.

  • Sometimes I will spend 10 or 12, even 14 hours on my machine, and yet I still don’t really understand computers very well.

I can’t code or build even the simplest of web sites, basically I just use the PC to write documents, edit documents, and look at memes. Beyond the immediate scope of my work, the computer is just a nice TV that plays endless numbers of cute cat videos and the like. I can’t imagine life without my computer, but I still don’t understand them! I have never needed to worry about web development, or building my own site, or constructing a group forum, or anything else. I work for a social media management company, and my focus is solely to write original content, blogs, and clickbait content to give to the account managers. The account managers are the one who actually run the social media accounts, but they rely on us for 90% of the content they post, and we all rely on other department for the web design! It is all very complicated, and together we provide social media management for 47 different companies in 5 countries! I don’t understand it, but I don’t need to understand it to complete my role in the complicated chain of social media management. I am given a list of topics and titles, and I write blog and advertising content, which my boss at the digital marketing service then provides to the account managers as needed. It’s a living!

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