I was furious that my son’s landlord exposed him to carbon monoxide

When my son said that he found a nice apartment, I thought that was really great news.

I suppose I was just so gleeful that he was starting college soon and that he was finally getting out of the house.

I didn’t think about the trouble he might be actually getting into. I determined later on something that was absolutely startling, then he said that the reason why his rent was so cheap was because the landlord said something about the opportunity of there being a crack in the heat exchanger. He suggested that my son keep his windows opened by a crack… My son didn’t suppose this was a big deal because he didn’t even suppose what the heat exchanger was. I had to explain that if there was a crack in the heat exchanger, then that meant there would be a carbon monoxide leak! I told my son that’s why he said to keep the windows open to vent out the potential carbon monoxide. I had a specialist come in and test his heating and A/C method and sure enough, there was a carbon monoxide leak! Though easily slight, it was still dangerous to our son! I was furious and I had an easily heated conversation with the landlord of the building. I threatened to take him to court to sue him because of putting my son’s life at risk while knowing the danger of there being a serious carbon monoxide leak. He gave in and even gave my son his deposit back along with his rent that he paid… After that I helped my son find an absolutely nice house that had an easily great working Heating and A/C system. Even though it was a little more costly, it was worth it because it was safe, nearby to shopping centers, and there was a gym in the building.

a/c rep