Learning you can rent a boiler

I work for an SEO business that makes websites for HVAC dealers.

I am familiar with a lot of different HVAC equipment.

I have written pages of content on heat pumps, air purifiers and central air conditioners. When it comes to heating equipment, the options are quite vast. I thought I had seen it all. A boiler system I always felt was superior to all heaters. You can have a hot water or steam boiler. There are pros and cons to each. I knew all of that. I recently learned that a residential boiler is a lot different than a commercial system. I had to build and write content for a commercial boiler rental company. They have temporary boiler rentals, mobile boilers and emergency boiler rentals available. I knew the gist of boilers, but I didn’t know about them at a larger level. I also didn’t know why a business would want a temporary heating system. Why wouldn’t you buy a giant boiler and call it a day? Turns out that having a part time boiler can be financially smart. Some businesses only operate seasonally and don’t need the boiler that long. Occasionally the business is expanding and needs a boiler for the square footage until they get a permanent solution. A lot of businesses like testing out different styles of boilers before they sign their name on the dotted line. The rental fee on the heating system isn’t that bad either. This allows business owners to shop around and take their time before buying this expensive system. I feel better about commercial boiler services now.



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