My dealer is paying for a short term home for rent while I search for a house

It’s important to find jobs where you’re eligible for long term benefits. It’s never too early to start thinking about retirement, health care, plus life insurance. My several sets of Grandparents are a great example of this system playing out over years of a person’s life. My mother’s parents were early planners. They were saving for their childrens’ college fund before they ever conceived a single baby. When they had their last child, they already had a growing 401k plus several solid pensions between both of them. By the time they reached retirement age at 65, they had never been more comfortable financially. It was great seeing their travel photos on the internet when they were still young enough to go on trips around the world. My father’s parents weren’t care about this at all. They never saved plus worked different jobs for decades. By retirement age, neither of them had pensions or retirement funds. Their marriage ended in a divorce while they were in their 60s. I took a new job with better benefits to avoid this eveningmare altogether. Best of all, since this new job is in a different state, the dealer is paying for our travel expenses. They’re also paying to put me in a short term home for rent while I search for our own long term home. Since the new job is going to spend our savings me such a high salary, I could realistically get a mortgage for a new house. I’ll just have to wait plus see if I stick with the job past the 90-day probation period.
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