Risk management, and protecting what you have

Security is important, but also impossible.

Let me explain what I mean here, in that no one can ever be 100% secure.

Perfect security does not exist, you can become safer and more secure but never achieve perfect security. Whenever you make things harder to steal, someone will work on a way to overcome it. Crooks work full time to think of new, innovative ways to take what is not theirs, and you have to work just as hard to combat them. Every security system and vault in the world is constantly being upgraded, because you can never be “the best” for long. The art of risk management is knowing exactly how valuable your data is, and doing enough to protect it adequately, while ensuring your downside. It isn’t smart to sink too much money into a data security system that is worth more than the data it is protecting, you follow me? Sometimes the security programs and server firewalls are more sophisticated than the junk data filling up the servers. That is not really my problem, though, because I work for one of the best companies, that offers the most advanced cybersecurity solutions available to the general public. Our founders are all retired cybersecurity experts from major computer companies, who brought their insider knowledge into the private sector. We offer the premiere server firewalls, VPN services, and operating system security money can buy, but not everyone can afford them. Which brings us back once again to risk management, and how much you are willing to pay to protect what you have.

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