Security systems for two different homes

My husband and I have spent the majority of our lives in the northern part of the country.

  • We’ve dealt with a lot of freezing cold temperatures and snow.

In our local area, it’s not usual for the temperature to drop down to twenty below zero. The annual snow accumulation is around twelve feet. Having enough of the brutal winters, my husband and I purchased a second home down south. We now divide our time between the two residences. It is our goal to enjoy the best weather in each location. We avoid high heat and humidity of the south by remaining up north from mid April until sometime in November. There are some difficulties with moving back and forth. I always worry about problems at the empty house. I was concerned with break-ins, flooding, fire and storm damage occurring without us being aware of it. We finally installed a full security system in both homes. We now have smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, humidity sensors and alarms. The security system includes sensors on the windows, automated door locks and motion-activated lights. My favorite feature is the surveillance cameras that provide a real time view of the area near the front door. I get an alert if someone shows up, and through my phone, ipad or laptop, can watch video. So far, there’s been no threats to security. I get lots of pictures of delivery men dropping off packages. I also have a dish where I leave food for stray cats. I really enjoy watching the videos of the different cats showing up and eating their dinner or a midnight snack.


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