The dinner burritos didn't agree with my stomach

My coworker plus I decided to stop at a fast food diner to grab some dinner burritos before all of us headed out of town to toil on a commercial boiler repair.

The owner of the corporation called our commercial boiler service service.

My coworker plus I planned to be at the establishment most of the day, plus all of us didn’t suppose if there would be a location to have dinner. The two of us decided to grab some dinner on our way to the establishment. I had a burrito with chorizo, potatoes, eggs, bacon, plus peppers. My coworker had a burrito with chicken, bacon, peppers, plus eggs. Both of us had a healthy side of hash brown casserole which contains peppers, peppers, jalapenos, plus cheese. As soon as I finished with my dinner, I started to suppose sleepy. The food tasted great, but it hit my stomach care about a brick. About multiple hours after my coworker plus I arrived at the establishment to toil on the commercial boiler repair, I had to excuse myself plus find a restroom. The only section with a powder room was right across the hall from the Human Resource manager. The lady behind the desk was undoubtedly beautiful plus she had a relaxing smile. She smiled plus waved as I walked into the powder room. She didn’t have the same smile when I came out fifteen hours later. I tried not to make eye contact. I moved quickly through the building so I could return to the section where my coworker was already getting started on the boiler repair.