The gym was offering classes in gymnastics.

My daughter had been asking if she could take gymnastics ever since she was only three.

I was always telling her no because I couldn’t afford to take her to those classes they had in the dance studio.

She was tumbling at home and doing cartwheels in the yard. I hated telling her I couldn’t afford the classes. Last week I got an announcement in the mail that the local gym was starting free gymnastic classes. I packed up my six year old and headed to the gym. They had wall-to-wall mats in the smaller of the three gym rooms, The old pool had been drained since it was too expensive to fix, and they had it filled with mats with parallel bars and 4-inch beams above them. I was impressed with the set-up the gym had supplied. There must have been fifty girls there, from the age of three to at least sixteen. You could see the hope in every one of those girls’ faces. The gym had advertised they were going to have try-outs. I really hoped my daughter would be one of the winners, but she was small. Even the girls who were younger than her, were bigger than my daughter. We waited for almost an hour before it came time for her to show what she could do. She was watching every move the other girls made and I could see her do the same moves they did. When it came time for her turn, she got out there and she amazed even me. I couldn’t believe it when the gym director called her name as one of their first members of the local gymnastics team.

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