There are so many meal delivery services.

They were commiserate to what I spent, but I had to buy my vegetables and other products

Over the last month, I have received pieces of mail from more meal delivery services than I knew existed. I have heard about Freshly, Gimme Delicious, Eazy Peazy, Blue Apron, CookUnity, Home Chef, and Plated, just to mention a few. Then you have meal delivery services that cater to organic food only, vegan food only, healthy, and homemade like Martha Stewart, SunBasket, Nutrisystem, Green Chef, Dinnerly, and Diet-to-Go. There is no limit to what kind of food you can purchase and the choice of how many meals and how often. I just wanted to try one meal delivery service, but I didn’t know what to choose. When I tried to decide just from cost, there were definitely those meal delivery services that were a good deal. There were meal delivery services that sounded like a good deal, but you had to purchase your own vegetable and add-ons, individually. For one person, I normally spent about $500 a month. Some of the meal delivery services were competitive, but the cost of shipping almost matched my weekly grocery deal. Then you had the food services that gave you a monthly stipend of food depending on what you chose. They were commiserate to what I spent, but I had to buy my vegetables and other products. I had to admit that I would rather peruse the grocery store online menu and choose what I wanted, then mix and match what I’m cooking. Then I got a letter from a food delivery service that offered that option. Maybe I’ll just stick with the grocery store.


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