Air purifiers have filters inside that need to be changed periodically

I have to remember to change out the water filters inside my refrigerator.

Since I have an ice maker and a water spout on my fridge, there is a filter inside that filters out impurities from my tap water before it can get to my glass.

I went months after the point at which the filter was completely filled beyond capacity. It was no wonder that the water and ice tasted much better after I finally replaced the filter inside the fridge. This was after getting the air filter in my car replaced, which looked terrible because of the duration of time in which it was left in my vehicle. With all of these filter issues, I realized I had even more filters to replace. I recently purchased a pair of air purifiers for my house after I started having allergy problems last year. Since they’re discreet machines, it can be easy to forget that they have disposable components that need to be replaced twice a year. You have to swap out the five layer filters and the UV-C bulbs. Although I had recently replaced the UV-C bulbs in my air purifiers, it had been eight months since I last replaced the filters. When I looked inside, they looked terrible. They were so terribly clogged with dust that I can’t imagine how any air was moving through these air purifiers. Thankfully they worked like new again after I put clean filters inside. Unsurprisingly, my house immediately started smelling better after the filter change. I need to get better about changing filters in and out of my house.


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