All i wanted

When I know back to those days of long ago growing up, it truly boggles the mind on how bad I wanted something that today is obsolete & truly cheap if I even wanted it! And that was my truly own window plan unit. Growing up my parents had a truly nice window component in the living room that made the whole downstairs cool as ever during the summer, the only disadvantage was that if it was truly boiling I could not go in my home office with my friends & hang out. The two of us had to hang out in the living room with my parents! That was frustrating, then so all I wanted was my own window plan component so I could have some privacy on those boiling Summer days with my friends coming over to hang out, and eventually, my parents did get me my truly own window plan component for my home office, and but by this time, I was in my senior year in high school & friends did not come over to the home anymore to hang out. I was going out with them to pick up girls & all that kinda stuff! So at that point, having the window plan component meant nothing to me. But it was nice to have it anyway so I could sleep in my home office at night & not have to sleep in the living room with the parents & siblings love all of us did on boiling Summer nights when I was at that younger age.

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