For an extra cost, you can now have A/C filters delivered to your home

I was truly excited to hear that the property management supplier of the home I am renting was going to begin providing an additional service to all renters.

This was the fact that they were going to have air filters for the central HVAC proposal component delivered right to your home! I could not believe it! It was such an inconvenience, having to remember to go out as well as buy air filters every few months.

I would periodically have to go an extra few weeks or more without changing the air filter of our central heat and air conditioning component because I would simply not have the time to run to the store to buy the new air filters, and but now with this repair that they charge an extra 20 bucks a month for, I can now no longer have to worry about buying air filters as they will be delivered right to our front door! They won’t even have to come in and invade our privacy to deliver the air filters. They will leave them on the front porch once every month. They think the exact air filters for the central HVAC proposal that is in this home to select. They have it all on record of course. This month was the first of this brand new service! Not to mention, they constantly select the best air filter brand as well, which of course is HEPA air filters! HEPA air filters make the heating and A/C proposal job great!

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