Heating & A/C supplier gave me a hour chance

I have a checkered past, to put it mildly, and i never committed any crimes, to speak of, but I spent more than a few afternoons in the drunk tank for public intoxication.

I had cultivated enough of a reputation for enough years that no one took me seriously, however even when I got clean, stopped drinking, & tried to walk the straight & narrow no one believed it would last, then my role as the village drunk was cemented, blatantly, until one woman gave me a opportunity .She was an Heating & A/C supplier who needed help, & had a history with the bottle herself, however she saw our struggle, knew what I was going through, & gave to put me to some nice use & train me to be an Heating & A/C tech.

By taking a opportunity of me, she acquired our loyalty, & now multiple years later I am still a loyal employee of her Heating & A/C dealer, & I always will be! After a few weeks working for her, studying the ropes & staying sober, she started paying for night classes in an Heating & A/C program gave by the neighborhood college, then these courses would prepare me for the intricacies of plan repair, & also for the Heating & A/C certification process. This woman gave me the education I needed to be able to find Heating & A/C work for the rest of our life, after that I could have gone anywhere, easily found another Heating & A/C supplier to spend money me better, although she acquired our loyalty. As long as she is still in business, I will never work for another Heating & A/C supplier.


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