Investing into an air purifier

I have been looking into different types of air quality accessories.

I considered the various portable options, but they aren’t overly effective.

I wanted something that would provide improvement in the breathing air in every room. I hoped to find a system that wouldn’t need frequent maintenance. I read up on air purifiers, dehumidifiers, humidifiers, ventilators and UV lights that partner with the HVAC system. They each offer different benefits and limitations. In the end, I decided on an in-duct air purifier. It not only filters and targets the air it moves through the ductwork but also sends negative ions into the air. These ions kill pathogens, bacteria and viruses and cause particles to clump together and be more easily filtered. The air purifier is effective against odors, VOCs, pet dander, mold spores and more. It operates silently and requires only yearly maintenance. Since having the air purifier installed, I’ve noticed that the house smells better and stays cleaner. I don’t need to dust or vacuum as often. I am hoping that the air purifier is also working to keep the heating and cooling unit cleaner as well. It should run more efficiently and last longer. My whole family is benefiting from the air purifier. My husband doesn’t sneeze or cough as often. My kids are complaining of congestion, sore throats or itchy eyes as frequently. I haven’t had as many headaches, and I’m sleeping better at night. I feel confident that our air quality is healthier. With the recent scares over the coronavirus, running the air purifier gives me peace of mind.


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