My husbandy and I knew it wasn't going to be much fun

My sibling invited my husbandy and I to go to a concert.

My sibling and his boyfriend have been getting free concert tickets for the past year, and jamie works for a record supplier in the front office.

Every weekend he gets free tickets to any upcoming shows that are being hosted by the record supplier. Last weekend, my sibling scored tickets to see 1 of the top bands in the state. Unfortunately, the show was about 150 miles away from call. I didn’t actually want to spend the whole weekend with my sibling and his boyfriend. They have been arguing a lot recently and my husbandy and I did not want to deal with their problems. Still, it was going to be an awesome concert. After much deliberation, my husbandy and I decided to join my sibling and his boyfriend. The people I was with and I drove our truck and my sibling took his car. The people I was with and I rented a hotel room on Thursday night, so every one of us didn’t have to drive all the way back to the home after the concert was over. The people I was with and I took a taxi to the concert location, so every one of us didn’t have to pay for parking at the location. The taxi driver was rude and obnoxious and he has a beatbox playing actually loudly. He wasn’t running the AC, even though it was at least 76 degrees outside. When my sibling asked the driver to turn on the AC, the guy grumbled and mumbled and then turned the dial to 1. The people I was with and I could not think the cool air in the back seat, so that didn’t help much at all.


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