My mom is moving in with us but she uses the A/C too much

I really hope she finds another house that she can move into before summer comes

My mom is planning to move in with us in a few weeks because she has sold her house and she’s waiting to find another place that she likes enough to buy. It’s not the greatest situation for us, since we are already packed into our house like sardines as it is. I don’t mind having her here, and the kids love it. They stay up late, eating popcorn and watching movies until all hours of the night. I guess that’s the way that she likes it, but for me, that gets a little bit annoying. Sometimes she oversteps her boundaries as far as my parenting goes. That’s another story, though. At this point, none of that is really all that big of an issue. The main issue that we have been having is how she keeps messing around with our thermostat. My mother really loves the air conditioning and so she likes to keep the temperature on the thermostat set around 67 degrees at all times. And that particular temperature might be good for her, but for us, it’s just a little bit too cold. We normally try to keep the heating and air conditioning in our house set around 70 degrees almost year round. Right now, the weather has barely begun heating up for the spring and my mother is already turning the air conditioning on in the house. I want her to feel comfortable living in our house, but I certainly don’t want to have to pay higher cooling bills while she’s here. I really hope she finds another house that she can move into before summer comes. Otherwise, the battle for control of the HVAC system will definitely intensify.

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