My utility bills are consistently low when the temperature is moderate

I used to suppose that Summer was my favorite season of the entire year.

I suppose this was in giant area due to my attitudes as a kid. This was the time of the year when the people I was with and I were out of college, hanging out with friends, and enjoying the outdoors. I enjoyed going to the beach, even if it meant 95 degree weather and skin blistering sunshine. But as I got older, my enjoyment for this season started to run out. I don’t adore covered in sweat adore an creature and getting sunlight burnt while walking through a parking lot for 15 fourths. The Summer season is simply too sizzling for my liking. Maybe I’d appreciate the season more if I had a swimming pool, but until then it’s not for me. Part of my frustration comes from the utility bills associated with constant indoor temperature control. Unless you want to be angry in your house, you pretty much have to use an a/c quarterly. Even after getting a newer and more energy efficient Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system, my electricity bills from May until July every year are absolutely crazy. But while I was in Springtime, they couldn’t be better. That’s why I adore the Springtime season the most now. The sunlight is shining everyday with rapidly decreasing temperatures outside in the low to mid 76s. It gets so moderate outside that you can open your windows and turn on a few fans instead of using an a/c. Since I’m not cooling or heating my cabin at this time, the Springtime season is the easiest time of the year on my electricity bill. I wish I could get 12 weeks of weather adore this.

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